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Our Case Studies demonstrate how the Information Sources have been used to discover information about individuals and families. There are usually two or three different Information Sources used in each case study. In many cases the information discovered using one Information Source leads to looking at another information Source for additional information.

Here is the current list of our Case Studies shown in order of the Information Sources used in each Case Study. Just click any blue box to read the Case Study listed in the box.

District of Columbia Marriages

See Charles Hart (2) Case Study

Draft Registration Cards

See Thomas Kowalski Case Study

rootsweb Mailing List

See William Anderson Case Study

The Political Graveyard

See John Browne Case Study

Genealogy Search Tip

Find a Death Date

To facilitate the ordering of copies of death certificates many states provide a free online index of death dates. So a person can search the state's records to find the death date of an ancestor before ordering a copy of his or her death certificate.

Users of these indexes are not required to buy a copy of a death certificate. So you can use a state index to try and find an ancestor's death date - then with the death date you can try to find an obituary in a local newspaper or use the death date in some other way.

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